Forum Faction Binding - Large / X-Large
Forum Faction Binding - Large / X-Large
Item # 3129964000
Ridiculous ride, retarded price.

All we keep hearing is hit this, jib that. You’d have us think that you’re hanging with pros. But n again, you do ride Factions. You do seem to have natural ability to flex with every contour of snow - thanks to Good Vibes Hinge Disk. And, you do appear to have comfort on lock with those juicy Bubbler straps and shiny NEW aluminum buckles. And, we did just see your photo in December Mag… sooo… nevermind.

  • Good Vibes Hinge Disk
  • Good Vibes EVA Footpad
  • Bubbler ankle strap
  • Throwdown toe strap

Item No. 3129964

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