Men's 2013 Devun Pro Snowboard 157 Blue
Men's 2013 Devun Pro Snowboard 157 Blue
Item # 9857dcdev13
DC Men's 2013 Devun Pro Snowboard 157 Blue

“If powder is your passion, this board is for you.” - devun walsh

  • Flex8
  • Maneuverability8.5
  • Camber1.5
  • Fresh Deck Top Sheetour new Fresh deck topsheets give DC boards that poppy feel you get from a new skate deck. the topsheets add a snap and life to the boards that you can only get out of natural wood. they may look pretty but these topsheet laminates are pure performance, with several seasons of testing behind us to prove it. the graphics are screened on the wood just like a skate deck, and the wood is then sealed to protect it from the elements, still keeping its natural feel.
  • Micro Camberthe board is flat through the center and has a +1.5mm of positive camber in the tip and tail. Combine this with the DC’s revolutionary Camber Core, you get the feel and pop of a full camber board while maintaining the forgiveness and pow float of a flat board.
  • Slugger CorePoplar/Ash, Pop=9, Powerful Feel
  • Camber CoreDC’s Camber Core is the secret ingredient that allows us to give our anti-Camber boards the pop of a traditional Camber board, yet remain fun and playful. this unique feature helped our boards win several awards last season. by adding a unique arch shaped profile to the wood core, the fiberglass takes on a completely new geometry, like that of a bridge. we’ve integrated this “arched fiberglass” shape into the anti-camber zone to give the boards more pop and added resistance when flexing the tip and tail. this also gives our anti- Camber boards the stability of a traditional camber board.
  • Radius 2 Flatafter receiving rave reviews and awards Radius to Flat has earned its spot on every board in our line. the flat surfaces at the tip and tail of the board provide lift in powder to keep you floating in the deepest snow, while the radius blends in perfectly with the sidecut to create effortless transitions from edge to edge.
  • 7200 Sintered Base
  • Carbon Quadrax
  • Structurn™ Basethe structurn base ™ structure is scientifically proven to be a faster base in all conditions. Just like the dimples of a golf ball break tension and make it fly farther, these small dimples in our base break water tension and allow your board to glide faster, turn easier and allow you to ride longer.
  • Length (cm)154, 157, 162
  • Contact Length (cm)110 (154), 112 (157), 116 (162)
  • Tip/Tail Width (cm)28.7 (154), 29 (157), 29.5 (162)
  • Waist Width (cm)24.9 (154), 25.1 (157), 25.4 (162)
  • Sidecut (m)8.2 (154), 8.4 (157), 8.7 (162)

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