Men's 2013 Billy Goat C2BTX Snowboard 159 Black Yellow
Men's 2013 Billy Goat C2BTX Snowboard 159 Black Yellow
Item # 9859gnbgcb13
GNU Men's 2013 Billy Goat C2BTX Snowboard 159 Black Yellow

Four Time Mt Baker Banked Slalom Champion and billy goat freeride line master Temple Cummins is a committed snowboarder. Temple has worked closely with the Gnu design crew since he was 13. These days he is a man who knows what it takes to make a snowboard you can count on when you get yourself in a little deeper than you should have, need to lay down a perfect carved turn against the grain to keep the boarder cross jocks a little lower on the podium or dork around with friends and family. Temple rides his own C2 BTX Freeride power freestyle geometries. The best features of camber and banana technology combined for aggressive all terrain riders... you get the end- to-end stability and pop of camber at each end with the proven carving performance and soft snow float of Banana Tech between your feet. Solid momentum carrying construction, Anvitex Dampener, Farmed eco woods, sintered base. Temple, Forrest Burki and Matt Edgers put it to the test all year long. This board will not let you down.

About the Art: Graphic by Bend, Oregon’s Adam Haynes of Adam can draw better than you, but he would never tell you that. He is a quiet, humble, backwoods, cliff droppin’, Baker Banked winning, illustrative ninja.

  • C2 BTX Banana Camber Combo
  • Magne-Traction
  • Directional Twin
  • Antivex Dampening Dampening
  • Mervin Ba Sustainable Core
  • Sintered Base
  • Flex 6.5 -8
  • Length (cm)156, 159, 162, 165
  • Effective Edge (cm)n/a (156), 119 (159), 122 (162), 125 (165)
  • Tip/Tail Width (cm)29 (156), 29.3 (159), 29.7 (162), 30.1 (165)
  • Waist Width (cm)24.8 (156), 25 (159), 25.3 (162), 25.5 (165)
  • Sidecut (m)8.2 (156), 8.3 (159), 8.4 (162), 8.5 (165)

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