Emilio Previtali (Lead)
Herve Barmasse
Kris Erickson

The Arctic island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard archipelago, is steeped in legend and mystery. The Vikings who founded the region called it "The Edge of Cold." Whalers and sealers who were shipwrecked on the ice-bound archipelago brought back survival tales of fending off polar bears with harpoons. The islands are even the setting for an alleged UFO crash, in the 1940's. Today, the hunters on Spitsbergen are The North Face's snowsport athletes, and the couloirs and snow slopes of the mountainous islands are their quarry.

In spring 2009 North Face free rider Emilio Previtali traversed the main island on skis. What he saw has inspired him to return this May, 2010 to lead an expedition of ski mountaineers and snowboarders to plumb the potential of new alpine climbs up and steep descents down the islands' many lofty peaks.

Emilio is one of Italy's leading free riders, as well as an accomplished alpinist, having climbed and snowboarded the 8000 meter Tibetan peak Shishapangma. He'll be joined by Herve Barmasse, also Italian, has climbed extreme firsts across Patagonia and the Alps. From America will come Kris Erickson, alpinist, skier and photographer par excellence.